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Pipe through wall connector boot seals
External Mount Seals
- Pipe Flex Features

Pipe Connector boot seals WA-WGC-S1 - for pipe sizes 1 inch to 10 inch diameter / DN25-DN250


Cut sheet for WA.WGC.S1

Flexible pipe to wall connector boots seal against the wall and around the pipe for non pressing water conditions. WA.WGC flexible boots allow axial and lateral movement of the pipe.

WA.WGC.S1 Seal boots may be installed on flat or curved wall.

The monolithic seal booth forms a wall gasket and cuff seal in one piece construction, no joints.

Using a double back flange, WA-WGC units can seal a waterproof wall liner and pipe penetration for dual purpose sealing applications.


  • WA-WGC Seals allows radial and axial pipe movements.
  • Seal pipe thought walls from an outside the wall.
  • Elastomers: EPDM or NBR material.
  • Gas tight - Water tight
  • Temperature range -20°C to +110°C
  • Pressure plates and strap bands are 304L stainless steel
  • For concrete walls, or tank walls: supplied with all materials, ready to install.








Download a sample draw for 6 inch pipe:

Download a sample draw for 8 inch pipe

WA.WGC - external wall pipe connectors
For American and International pipe sizes.



WA-WGC-S1 boot seal curved wall


WA-WGC-S1 boot seal thin wall and metal wall


WA-WGC-Wall Liner and pipe seal dual seal


Manhole and sewer tank pipe connection seals.

No grouting - stainless steel expander clamps seal inside the core opening - stainless steel band clamps seal the pipe cuff.

Pipe through wall expander clamp seals WA-ZW units, are a one piece construction unit - no joint boot type seal. Pipe sizes from 3 inch to 12 Inch (80 mm-300 mm). Allows pipe flex for both lateral movement or axial movement of the pipe.

WA-ZW booth seals allows angular movement to 12 degrees in all directions plus linear movements up to 50 mm. (2")

septic-tank-pipe-entry-seals WA-ZW seals are for gravity lines used in sewer tank and manhole applications, where low water head pressure conditions exist.

The pipe entry boots are easy-to-install. Materials are EDPM and 304L stainless steel expander and clamp bands.











Expansion manhole EDPM connectors, protect against inflow and outflow from the chamber.

WA-ZW seals advantage:

Angular displacement of the pipe up to 12º in all directions.
Fit American and metric pipe sizes.
Linear displacement up to 2" (50 mm).
Sealing units fit pipe 3 inch to 12 inch (DN80 - DN300).
Temperature max. -30°C to +110°C.
Expanding clamps for the manhole core drills and bands for the pipe are 304L stainless steel.

Mechanical pipe seals - Modular seal links perimeter seal plug

Mechanical pipe seals - Disk expander seal Plugs

pipe-flow-stoppers-link-modular- rim-seals

Pipe Plugs with modular rim seal links or disk expansion rim seals. By-pass or non-by-pass drains. Fast installation and dismantling.

All American and International pipe sizes. Stainless steel or galvanized steel material. EDPM, NBR elements.

For larger pipes or higher water head, bolt anchors or bracing form part of the assembly. Mechanical type plugs may be used on multiple projects - the seals may be replaced for long life usage.

Pressure Sealing Plugs - Through Bulkhead - Plate - Tanks



Pipe Plug Seals WA-Plug units: seal cables and pipes passing through concrete walls, deck plate and bulkheads. Water and gas tight seals.

Installation is fast and simple, the plug is pressured in the annular space. The profiled design of the seal makes installation easy and ensures a 3 bar (40 psi) tightness.

Plugs are manufactured from high quality rubber and are highly resistant to abrasion. They are supplied with different rubber types to ensure suitability for all industry sectors.


pipe-plug-throught-wall-waterstop Sealing Plugs are applicable to the ship building industry, and are installed from both sides to seal pipe penetrations through a welded sleeve, a wall or deck.

Fire resistance silicone disk seals, are also available providing 60 minutes resistance. A passage sleeve may be further fire proofed with addition materials.

The plug can be used in a core drilled hole or wall sleeve. The plug is pressured into the annular space around the pipe.


  • 60 minutes fire retardant (A60)
  • Resistant to gas, water and pressure
  • Large range of sizes available
  • No special tools necessary for installation



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