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Compression-seals for pipe through Walls - watertight up to 80 foot water head


External wall mount sleeves
Thimble Sleeves for Pipe Sealing

WA.GP-T Thimble wall sleeves, pipe sleeves and seals for multiple or single pipe penetrations. Thimble sleeves are bolt fastened on an exterior concrete wall, or floor. Back flanges may be flat or curved. The WA.GP-T may mount on an outer wall or inner wall.

Thimble sleeve assemblies may be used for metal tank pipe penetrations. Plates are welding or bolting to the tank wall.


Use Split stainless steel wall sleeves, for pipes/cables that are already in place The pipe seals may be modular seals or disk compression seals.



GP-T pipe seals are designed for watertight sealing of conduit and cables passing through construction walls or concrete tanks and hydraulic structures.

The assembly combines a sleeve which is fasten to the wall and modular seals or disk compression seals. 

Split sleeves with seals for multi pipe penetrations through the same sleeve are available.

external-wall-sleeve-split-for existing-pipe

Cut sheet WA-GP-T external wall mount pipe seal assembly

When a link seal leaks, a WA.GP-T is the recommended solution for repairing the leak fault. Repairs are made while the line remains in operation.

See typical split WA-GP-T drawing


External wall mount seals - Existing or New Pipe sealing
Pipe Compression Seals


WA.GP-B models are low profile external wall mount seals designed for pipe sealing outside the wall. Watertight against the wall and around the pipe. WA.GP-B seals are available for most pipe sizes.

External Wall Mount Pipe Seals are used when a pipe penetration needs to be sealed from outside the wall. When too small a core opening exist, the pipe is not centered or an out of round condition exist in the drill core.

Also WA.GP.B seals provide a secondary waterproof pipe seal when a previously installed link seal leaks. Repairs are made while the pipe remains in service.



WA.GP-B model disk-seals are available in a two piece split version for existing pipes, or one piece units.

WA.GP-B disk seals are only 60 mm thick, allowing installations in restricted spaces.


They are simple to install with a very high clamp force ring, providing a 36 psi seal.

Maximum corrosion protection Stainless steel plates and elastomers of EDPM, NBR or Silicone elements are available.

GP-B External Wall Pipe Seal Cut Sheet and install guide

Eccentricity is a term used to describe how off-center a pipe is within a wall sleeve, another pipe or core. It is usually expressed as a percentage. A pipe would be considered to be fully (100%) eccentric it were lying against the inside diameter of the wall sleeve or core hole. A pipe would be said to be concentric (0% eccentric) if it were perfectly centered in the outer pipe or hole.

WA.GP-UM eccentric disk-seals are used to seal off center pipes.

Eccentric seals are also used to seal a casing annular space when a carrier pipe is placed through a casing pipe above or below the centered position..



WA.GP-UM Split Eccentric pipe seals for existing pipe.


Non axis pipe sealing type WA.GP - UM eccentric seals, provide 2.5 bar, 36 psi seals for the piping systems. They are available in a split or single configurations.

UM seals are used in pipe through casing applications where the pipe placement is below or above the center line.

It is not necessary to do extensive reconstructive repairs to a non-centered pipe penetration, eccentric pipe seals may be used for a watertight solution for the existing placement.


For gravity feed systems it may be necessary to increase the casing size for a correct grade line. As long as the minimum annular space, is more than 25 mm - an eccentric pipe seal can be used.


When ordering a not centered existing pipe seal, it is necessary to measure the displacement (eccentricity) in 12 point locations; as shown in figure above, to insure the correct seal is ordered.

How to measure the distances for a Eccentric Pipe condition.

Dimensions (inches or mm)

  • Outer Diameter of carrier pipe:
  • Inner Diameter of hole (if it is circular shaped) not deformed.
  • Measures according to the drawing above, the measure points are relative to the pipe not the opening.
  • Divide the carrier pipe (not the hole) into 12 equal pieces. At the starting point 12 measure clockwise at each point out to the hole ID.
  • A photograph of the penetration as it exist, in conjunction with the A-B measures.
  • Additional information: Notes*

Pipe and liner membrane combo seals

Westatlantic WA.GP-F model fixed loose compression seals: seal both pipe and liner.



WA.GP-F models, seal small or large single pipe penetrations.

Multiple pipes or conduit through the same opening may also be sealed using a WA.GP-F.


Sealing through core drill openings or wall sleeves may be accomplished.

WA.GP-F models are used in applications, at landfill sites, holding ponds, containment sites, vault liners, waste containment, foundations, and others.

Liner-Seal Generic drawing. Information required:









Deep Seals Long Bolt Fasteners:



WA. GP - KAR long bolt seals are designed for sealing pipes at a seating point deep inside a core hole or sleeve.

All Pipe sizes may be sealed using WA.GP-KAR seals. When long bolts are required to seat a seal in hard to reach locations, extended compression bolts are used.


Pipeline Water Hammer arrestor seals, cushions excess water hammer pressure along the pipeline

Water hammer WA.GP-LR Model Disk Seals








Download PDF Data GP-NS

Water hammer WA.GP-LR Disk-seals have one compression disk slightly larger. The larger diameter flange absorbs the excess pressure along the pipeline and maintains the seal integrity. They are designed for use in applications where water hammer pressures are expected along a pipeline.

The enlarged ring is installed on the inflow side at the wall.

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