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Seal Pipe Through Floors

Pipe though floors slab seals WA-GP-SP


floor-seal-for-pipe-passage WA-GP-SP are annular space seals designed for sealing  pipes, cables and conduit passing through floors and ceilings that are exposed to the occupied areas. They are polished 316L stainless for visual effect when the pipes are visible between floors.

They protect against water, gas and smoke migrations through floors and ceilings. 

Fireproof barriers may be used to fill the space between the seals to create a fireproof barrier.



WA-GP-SP pipe seals make a 36 psi seal. Pipe penetrations up to 8 inch (200 mm) diameter pipe may be made waterproof..

Flange material is stainless steel compression plates.. Sealing element disk may be EPDM, NBR, or silicone.



The advantages :

  • Prevents migration of liquids, gases and smoke, between floors.
  • Suppresses noise transfer between floors.
  • Pipeline flex is limited 2 degrees.

*See PDF file of pipe through floor/ceiling pressure seal.

Vibration Dampening Pipe through wall Seals.

WA.GPPT vibration disk Seals have a double seal an inner and outer seal. Vibration noise is absorbed by the elastomer.








Sounds and vibration sometimes travel along pipes that pass through wall structures. WA.GPPT pipe seals provide a silencing effect for applications that transmit vibration noises. The double seal design isolates and insulates contact between the pipe and the opening.

Specs for Pressure seal: Vibration compensation

Diameter range: up to DN 3000 / 120-inch pipe
Max working pressure: 2.5 bar / 36 psi / 0.25 MPa
Compression Plates: 304L – 316L
Sealing elastomer: EPDM, NBR, or SILICONE
Working temperature seal elements:
EPDM (-30 ° C - + 100 ° C)
NBR (-20 ° C - + 90 ° C)
SILICONE (-55 ° C - + 230 ° C)

Noise transmission is diminished along the pipe.

PDF noise reducing seal data

Pipe seals with flex compensating design

Axial and Annular movement compensating seals for pipes through concrete wall structures.

WA.GP-NS seals: compensates for 22 mm axial movement and 10-15 mm of angular deflection.

WA.GP.NS seals compensate for settling deflection between structures with deferential base foundations.

Max pipe size using WA.GP-NS seals is 300 mm (12 inch) pipe.









The flexible design compensates for shear stress up to 10-12 mm acting on the pipe.

Compensating seals maintain a 22 psi hydrostatic Integrity where differential displacement occurs.

Elastomers: EDPM, NBR or Silicone.

Opposing Structure settlement compensating seals


WA.GP.NS seals may also be used in single unit applications as well as opposing structures.

Pipes with axial movement

WA.GP-AM -1 seals pipes where axial movement of a pipeline may be significant. They mount inside the pipe passage opening and expand against the inside diameter of the core opening or wall sleeve. The pipe passes through the inner seal compression ring.


- The seal maintains integrity up to 14 psi pressure or 33 ft. head water column.

- Pipe OD and opening ID is required for sizing.

- The GP- AM can accommodate pipe sizes up to 56 inch pipe (1400mm).

- The rubber elastomer may be EDPM or NBR for Oil and Gas applications.

The WA.GP-AM cannot be manufactured in a split version for existing pipe, the pipe must fit through the inner seal ring.

Download data brochure

Pipe Flex Sealing

Pipes seals for pipes with axial movement

axial-pipe-expansion-sealingWA.GP-AM - 2 is an external wall mount design that absorbs axial movement of the pipe without violating the integrety of the seal.

They perform the same functions as Type 1 above.

The WA.GP-AM - 2 pipe flex seals are not manufactured in a split version for existing pipes. The pipe passes through the seal center compression ring and the outer compression ring fits inside the wall or sleeve opening.

Application range:

- Sealing pressure 0.1 MPa (14.50 psi). Pipe diameters up to 56 inch.

- Pressure sealing for pipes, conduit and cables penetrating a concrete wall - or may be used to seal a carrier pipe through a casing.

- Seals against Liquids, Gases and Smoke.

- Allows axial movement and annular deflection of the pipe. Reduces Vibration.

Scope of delivery: Seal Elastomer, Pressure Plates, anchor bolts for external wall mounting.


Pressure plates - corrosion resistant stainless steel 304L or 316L.

Rubber: EPDM: -30C - +100C, NBR: -20C - + 90C

Tightness: Tight to 0.14MPa

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