Joint wrap

Manhole Joint Wrap - Seals Manholes and Pipe Joints

Joint wrap seals for manhole joints and pipe joints, stops infiltration through the joints.



Manhole joint seals WA-MH-JW units press into the joint for a waterproof seal.

The rubberized mastic bonds permanently with the structure and prevents infiltration into the manhole or concrete pipe. WA-JW wrap seals are an advanced external joint wrap, designed to prevent water infiltration.

The wraps may be used on reinforced concrete pipes, manhole joints, and other round or elliptical concrete structures. They exceed ASTM C 877 (Type II), standards for external joint seals. 



WA-MH-JW Joint Wraps have a mastic base layer that adheres aggressively to concrete, and continues to “cold flow” at typical ground temperatures. Back filling actually increasing its bonding capability.

manhole-joint-tape-sealing- The seal wraps bonding ability is further enhanced by compression bands. Tensioning ratchets allow the installer to position the wrap before back filling. Backfilling further compress the mastic under surface.

- A woven polypropylene internally laminated layer of high shear strength, increases puncture and shear resistance.

- Flexibility of the joint wrap will accommodate some settlement at the joint gap.

WA-CS-JW Wrap Seals for reinforced concrete joints.


Joint wraps for reinforced concrete structures, prevent leaks into concrete precast chambers.

The wrap prevents infiltration on both vertical and horizontal joint connections. Applications for joint seals on storm-water retention systems, box culverts, junction boxes, septic and many other precast chambers.


WA-PJ pipe joint wrapspipe-joint-repair-wrap-bands



Pipe joint inflow infiltration seal wraps for concrete pipes have a custom backing that resist pipe joint leaks.

Pipe sealing wraps may be used on most pipe types.




WA-BSJ-infiltration wrap seal: for concrete bell and spigot joints



WA-BSJ Bell & Spigot sealing system for concrete pipes is a rubberized mastic that bonds permanently with the pipe.

Infiltration through the bell joint is restricted.

Bell & Spigot sealing can be installed on new and existing concrete pipes.

WA-BSJ bell and spigot joint wraps prevents water infiltration at the joint.

Its available in 14 inch and 16 inch widths with clamping bands that mount on each side of of the joint.



The wraps protect the joint for up to 30 ft head of pressing water (13 psi).

WA-BSJ wraps fit all size bell connections. Allow a 8-10" overlap in calculating length requirements.



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