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Tote Heaters IBC (275 Gal) 1000 litre - (300 Gal) 1200 litre

1800 Watt - 2400 Watt
Stock Material

Tote heaters: with strong cord exteriors, insulation wraps - weather proof.





  • Tote wrap heaters 275 gal (1000 liters) and 330 gal (1200 liters) - 120V and 240V
  • Silicone heating elements, High output .
  • Thermostat heat control (0 - 212F) - ( 0 - 100C)

Tote Heaters PDF Data
Flexible heater materials, pliable in all temperature ranges, easy to handle, quick-release buckles for fast installing and removing.





TOTE HEATER FEATURES: durable and weather proof, with a digital temperature controller.


800 Lit./ 220 Gal: 40" High 120V 1800 watt and 240V 1800 watt

1000 Lit./ 275 Gal: 46" High 120V 1800 watt and 240V 1800 watt

1200 Lit / 330 Gal: 53" High 120V 1800 watt, 240V 1800 watt


INSULATING LID: 1/2 thick closed cell foam insulation

Tote heater Materials:
DuPont Cordura exterior - Urethane lined for water and tear resistance, PU laminated rip-stop nylon inner liner, DuPont Nomex heater construction with Silicone insulated heating elements.

Pallet hater jackets - construction material protection


Bulk Materials Heater wrap protection, for standard sized pallet, complete with a sturdy tube fit frame.

Heating Elements are Silicone with a tough PVC laminated polyester exterior. PDF doc

120 volt -1800 watts.
Digital Temperature Control, LCD Display, NEMA 4X enclosure with a 10 foot Power Cord.

Pallet materials heater - protect construction material during cold weather construction.

Drum Oven wrap heaters - Four Drum Heater Wrap









Drum Heater Wraps heat several barrels at a time - fast install - heat barrels in any location.

Drum heating oven wraps for (4) 55 gallon drums on a pallet. The heating jacket covers the sides of the drums and an insulated lid keeps the heat in. Multiple drum warming wrap ovens, very economical materials warming.

WA- drum oven units are durable, temperature accurate, and weather resistant. Easy to install by wrapping the jacket around the drums and drawing it snug with quick-release buckles.

Product Description
Sized to wrap the (4) drums (178” x 33” high)
Inner liner – Woven Dupont Nomex, Heating Element – Silicone insulated
Felted acrylic insulation, Exterior – 500 Denier Dupont Codura
weather & tear resistance
Dabond 2000 thread – UV and abrasion resistant
120v, single phase operation, Power – 1800 watts, 10’ long power cord

Digital Temperature Controller, LCD Display, displays Celsius or Fahrenheit
NEMA 4X enclosure for outdoor use,
Exterior – 500 Denier DuPont Cordura for weather & tear resistance
(4) Drum Heating Jacket and Insulating Lid

Drum Ovens - Tote ovens - Metalic - 130C-300F


Drum ovens meet the heating - warming requirements for materials contained in drums and Totes.

Materials that need to be kept at constant temperature or heated to optimum viscosity before use require industrial drum, barrel or tote ovens. A wide range of standard drum ovens are available.

  • Units from 4 to 48, 55 US Gallon drums and 1 to 12, 1000 liter Tote tank sizes are available.
  • Standard working temperature up to + 150 ° C, (300 F) higher temperature zones are also available.
  • Electrical power units are standard models custom, steam, hot water, thermal oil unit are also available.


For your total product protection, we supply Barrel Heaters, Drum heaters, Tote heaters, Bucket heaters, Gas cylinder Heaters, Construction site material heater jackets, Truck mount tank heater jackets, Instrumentation heaters, Pump, Valves and Manifold heaters,Concrete blanket heaters, Thaw blankets, Heated concrete curing covers, Band heaters, Pipe heaters, Propane tank heaters, Spray foam tank heaters, 55 gal Induction heaters, Frac tank heaters, Large tank heaters, Hydraulic reservoir tank heaters, Petroleum tank heating, waste water tank heating.

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