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Sealing Pipes Through Concrete Walls, Floors, Manhole Cores
Under ground Watertight High Performance pipe sealing, - 36 - 72 psi

Building connection sealing systems from Westatlantic.

link-modular-seal-canadaLink Modular Seal belt systems and GP disk seals are leading engineered solutions for sealing pipe through concrete walls.

Pipe penetrations through Manholes, Wet Wells, Lift Stations, Valve Chambers, Concrete box Culverts and Bulkheads. For Water - Wastewater Treatment Plants and other connection systems, when water or gas tight seals are required.

Sealing for SDR Pipe, Ductile iron, Concrete, PVC, and Sewer pipes low or high pressure sealing up to 72 psi of pressing water.


For maximum corrosion resistance in treatment plants, EDPM elastomer and stainless steel bolting is standard seal material.

Seal elastomers: EDPM, for water applications and oil and gas resistant NBR elestomer for petroleum applications and Silicone elastomers for high temperature requirements.

Viton element pipe seal plugs are used in "split, viton compression seal models", where applications require a Viton element for certain liquids.



Seal more than one pipe through the same core, watertight up to 36 psi of pressing water. Maintaining integrity up to a 80 foot. of water head." Watertight up to 160 foot water head with D-LPS Models, see below.

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EDPM PUDDLE FLANGES: Sealing Pipe through Walls, Floors, Pool walls, Pipe sealing for Arenas and Ice Rink concrete slabs.





Wall Sleeve assemblies:


Non-metallic, LPS Link seals and Disk seals provide a engineered system for a total watertight assembly.


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A wall sleeve that permanently bonds to the concrete and becomes an integrated part of the wall structure.

The sleeves are engineered structurally from tough pressure stabilized inherently stable plastic. The exterior has a special fused cementation coating for concrete-bounding.

WAT. ZVR sleeves maintain complete ovality during the concrete placement. A perfectly symmetrical entry point is formed for pipes and conduit passing through the structure.

Cement bonding pipe sleeves are available from Westatlantic Tech Corp.

The coating bonds perfectly to the wall sleeve, and adheres homogeneously with the concrete.

The cement bond pipe sleeve can be set in concrete, block walls, or cast in a wall opening with mortar.

WAT. ZVR wall sleeves are watertight at pressures up to 72 psi (5 bar) – used in conjunction with LPS Link seals, Disk seals and Press seals, they produce a completely watertight penetration for pipes, conduit or cables .

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Link Modular Seals data:

LPS 36 psi Link seal sizing calibration: When ordering or for price quotes; Please provide-

  • The Pipe OD or Type of Pipe and size. We will provide the core size and seal size.
  • If the hole is already in place, provide the Hole ID.


12" (300mm) PVC
pipe through a 16" Core; (17) links of LPS-6
16" (400mm) PVC pipe through a 20" Core; (18) links of LPS-7.
36" (900mm) PVC pipe through a 40" Core ; (37) links of LPS-7



Generic drawing LPS Link Seal pressure pipe seals:


LPS Link Seal system advantages:link-seal-drawing

  • Provides a 36 psi seal, 80 foot. head.
  • Better seal integrity when higher head pressure is present.
  • Corrosion Resistance Stainless steel or galvanized bolting.
  • Pipe seals for large or small annular spaces.
  • Pipe seal sizing for all pipe annular opening is larger than the expanded thickness of a single assembly, two layer assemblies are provided.



Disk-pipe seals for pipe through concrete walls.

disk-pipe-seals-westlanticTo supplement the LPS Link Seal System, Westatlantic Tech Corp. offers a Disk seal pressure sealing Systems; Including a divided or split Disk pressure version, for pipes that are already in place.

Disk seal sizing is determined from calculations based on the number of pipes through an opening and location of the pipe penetrations within the opening. Hole size is the determining factor for the number of pipes that can be sealed with disk seals.

Disk sealing is used  wherever a link seal cannot be installed due to technical reasons e.g. multiple pipes through the same opening, large annular spaces, holes or core holes too small for a seal and the pipe, higher pressure seals required, etc.

DL Link Moduar Models: for 72 psi - 5 bar, tight up to 160 foot water head.

link-seal-double-hight-pressure-modular-sealDL high pressure link-modular element seals are also available for conditions where pressing water is greater than 36 psi.




Double link interconnecting belts provide a hydronic seal to 5 bar (72 psi) 160 foot. head.


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