Watertight modular seals

Watertight sealing for pipes through concrete walls

Available at Westatlantic - upgraded pipe modular seals.

Modular seals with new installation torque control capability, provide optimum watertight control. Stainless 316L hardware and embedded plate nuts, ensure a upgraded class of pipe seals that move away from others.

WA-MS provide watertight pipe passage through wall sleeve or core drill openings.

WA-MS sealing for large pipe diameters. Tightening nuts are embedded in the plate - no loss parts.

Fits all American and international pipe sizes.


Watertight : up to 5 bar (72 psi) pressure.

(-40 ° C to + 80 ° C) operational range. (-40F to 176F)

Tightening the bolts expands the elastomer, optimum tightness is confirmed by the bolt head window.

Embedded hardware nuts-no lost parts during installation.

EDPM or NBR elastomer.

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See seal sizing charts

Watertight solutions for pipe penetrations in treatment plants, sewage storage tunnels, manhole hole connector pipes, under ground tunnels, foundation structures.

Advantages / upgrades

Seal pipe penetrations through concrete walls.
Torque information windows in the bolt head
Nuts embedded in the compression plates
72 psi sealing / 5bar up to 160ft. water-head
Seals for PVC, HDPE & Steel pipes
Large pipe diameter seals

No leaks.

  • Optimum tightness confirmation at a glance.

Tight up to 72 psi (5 bar) ( approved by Lloyds register).

"Yellow window indicators" - "Safe" - "Watertight"


Modular seals install Guide

Modular seal sizing Chart

Modular seal links spec


Additional Information:

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Modular Pipe Seals Manual

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Leaking link seals "Repair"

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Modular seals with NBR rubber links for oil and gas applications


Modular seals with oil and gas NBR rubber and 316L stainless steel nuts and bolts. NBR rubber elastomer provide endurance, isolation and safety for oil and gas steel pipes.

72 psi seals with corrosion protection 316L bolts and nuts. Modular seals with visual confirmation of tightness.

Large-diameter pipe sealing specialized for refinery and oil and gas handling facilities, adding safety and long life.
Visible torque indicators - insure security of the installation.

  • Integrated inspection window - accurate installation confirmation.
  • No waiting time between tightening.
  • No time consuming repeated re-tightening.

Pipe through wall component systems, consist of integrated assembly of wall sleeves - pipe sleeves - modular seals.

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DISC SEALS for multi-pipe sealing WA-GP units: READ MORE


Seal more than one pipe through the same core. Watertight up to 36 psi of pressing water..

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Compression Disc - pipe seals WA-GP units watertight connection for pipe through concrete walls. Disc seals only require a very low seating area. Ideal for watertight pipe connections through manhole walls.

pipe-seals-disk-compressionCompression disc seals for through wall conduit and pipes. Including a split versions, for pipes that are already in place.

Compression disc seal sizing is determined based on the number of pipes or conduit through the same opening. Hole size is the determining factor for the number of pipes that can be sealed using multiple disk compression seals.

Compression disc pipe sealing is used  for multiple pipes through the same opening, large annular spaces, holes or core holes too small for other types of pipe seals, when higher pressure seals are required. Eccentric compression disk seals are used for pipes that are off center through a pipe sleeve or drill core.

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PUDDLE FLANGES: WA-PF units provide Water-stop pipe sealing. They are cast in a wall around a pipe through a foundation wall, floor slabs, pools, Ice rink concrete slabs. The units prevent water infiltration along a pipe through the concrete.







EDPM puddle flanges provide waters tops when a continuous pipe runs through the wall.

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