Wall sleeves pipe sealing through metal walls

Walls Sleeves for Steel Bulkheads - Metal Tanks

Wall sleeve for steel walls: Bolted collar - no welding.

WA-GP-C sleeves have bolted collars that sealed against the tank plate. Pipe or conduit passing through the sleeve, is sealed with a disk-seal, model WA-GP-SR.

Wall sleeve metal wall WA-GP-C.






Multi pipes or one pipe may pass through the same wall sleeve. EDPM, NBR or Silicone elastomer are available for the sealing rubbers around the pipe.

The back plate may be a curved or flat configuration to accommodate any tank shape.


  • Ship plate penetrations for conduit or pipe passage.
  • Sleeves for metal tanks.
  • Back plate collar seal and disk-element seal. (EDPM, NBR, Silicone.)
  • Pipe diameter range: 50 - 150 mm (2" to 6")

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Steel Bulkheads - Flat walls - Round walls - Plastic walls

Steel Tank Wall sleeves and seals other models available.





Wall sleeve penetration - thread pipe connection

Wall sleeve seals for pipe penetration through thin plate: metal-tank-pipe-penetration-seal





Wall seal sleeve with flanged end for flange to flange connection: Deck Plate pipe connection.

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Thimble pipe sleeves may also be used for pipe penetrations through steel walls.



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