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WA-Universal wall sleeve

PVC wall sleeves



WA-UFR wall sleeves are lightweight, simple installation in the formwork, can be cut to length on site and may be used in most concrete wall types.

The sleeve as EDPM puddle flange watersrop bands to precent water creap along the exterior of the sleeve.



WA-UFR wall sleeves allow single or multi-pipe watertight seals. For pipe diameters IPS 10" up to 40" thick concrete walls.



Block Wall Sleeves

Wall Sleeves WA-ZVR models are non-metallic wall sleeves. The provide watertight applications for conduit, power cords, communication cables or pipe through concrete wall and block walls.

A special bonding coating creates an homogeneous bond with new concrete or grout resulting in a 72 psi (5 bar) passage for pipes and conduit through structure walls.


The special bonded pipe sleeves, attach to the concrete - preventing leaking around the sleeve. End caps insure a clean passage is maintained until pipes are ready to enter the building.

Pipes / Conduit pass through the sleeve into a structure and are sealed with Pipe Mechanical Seals. The seals are provided as part of the assembly based on the conduit or pipe size entering through the foundation.

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multi-conduit-sealing-building-entryCompression seals, model WA-GPSR pipe seals may be used with the WA-ZVR wall sleeve. They allow single penetrations or multiple pipe / conduit to pass through the same opening.

The cement bonded pipe sleeve can be set in concrete or block walls.


Watertight up to 72 psi, 5 bar
Pipe diameters from 3 inch to 12 inch (80 to 300 mm)
Suitable for any type of wall
Form an homogeneous bond with concrete
Suitable for retrofitting in core drills and/or rectangular block size openings
Available in special lengths

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Wall Sleeve exterior cement bond coating - additional information


PVC Wall sleeves with EDPM Puddle flanges

WA-PVC-WS are available in large quantity requirements.

PVC wall sleeves with EDPM Puddle flanges prevent water creep along the pipe exterior into a structure.-puddle-flange-pool-wall-sleeve

Stainless steel tightening bands firmly attach the puddle flange to the wall sleeve.

PVC wall sleeves cast in a wall between the forms they provide wall openings from 4" to 12" up to 24" thick concrete walls.


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