Wall sleeves flange multi fiber stainless

Wall Sleeves for pipes penetrations through concrete walls

Stainless Steel Wall sleeves - Corrosion protection

Wall Sleeves with puddle flange water stops provide cast in wall openings for pipe passage through Foundation Walls.

Cast in wall sleeves provide openings for single pipe passage or multi pipes through the same opening. Sealing of single or multi pipe are supplied with the wall sleeve.

WA-WS - Puddle flange water stops.

wall-sleeves-stainless-steel-with-puddle-flangeStandard wall sleeves have a puddle flange collar that prevents water creep along the sleeve.

12 inch lengths are standard, longer or shorter lengths are available.

Stainless wall sleeves provide entry openings for all American and International pipe diameters.

Different configurations diameters and lengths are available.



Air conditioning ducts, Electrical conduit, Water pipes, Sewer pipes, Gas lines.

Wall sleeve cut sheet.

Stainless steel wall sleeves specification

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Wall Sleeves - Flange to Flange Pipe Connection

Wall Sleeves WA.WS-FF Stainless.


Flange to Flange wall sleeves are cast in the wall flush with the wall. Incoming pipe flanges bolt directly to wall sleeve flange. ANSI flanges on the end of the wall sleeve provide a continuing connection.

Puddle flanges attached to the sleeve providing a water-stop and anchoring point for the sleeve.



Protected nuts, on the back of the flanges provide provide connection points for the pipe flange.

American and International pipe diameters may be accommodated.



Wall Sleeves WA-WS-FF stainless sleeve applications provide watertight piping connection for piping in water treatment facilities, water tanks and other applications The FF wall flange sleeve fits between the concrete form boards.

Diameter range: up to 60 inches (DN 1600)


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Brief sheet

Wall Sleeves General

Wall sleeves with extended flange connections

Wall Sleeves with extended flange connections: WA-WS.F flanges provide flange pipe attachment points. The sleeve is cast in the wall between the wall boards.

wall-sleeve-flange-connection-extended-sleeveWA-WS.F double flanged wall sleeves may be grouted in an existing wall or cast in a new wall.

Wall sleeves are available for any wall thickness and pipe diameter.



Wall Sleeves Stainless steel





The pipe sleeve flange extends out from the wall for a bolt, washer nut connection and may be a full pipe length or a shorter wall piece.


Stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized or corrosion protected coatings are available.

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Wall Sleeves WA-PF-KS cast-in units are customer defined for specific requirements. Stabilization flanges ensure the sleeve maintains a an accurate round structure. WA-PF-KS wall sleeves are mainly used for large pipe diameters or thick wall structures.



WA-PF-KS wall sleeves are cast in wide concrete walls, or are used when large diameter pipe penetrations are required. WA - water proof pipe seals fill the annular space between pipe and sleeve.

A puddle flange mounted in the middle of the sleeve is a water-stop collar and anchor point.

Wall-Sleeve materials may be stainless steel (304L, 316L or anti-corrosion coatings. Lengths up to 10 ft. (3000 mm) are available.



The flush end flanges fit inside the form boards.

WA-modular seal links are designed for larger pipe penetration sealing. WA-modular elastomer links are an advanced design seal for large pipes. Torque announcer windows form part of the new design modular seals.

Multiple pipes may be sealed through the same sleeve opening with multi port disc seals.

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Shop Brief Sheet

Pipe penetrations close together.

Wall sleeve WA-multi port.

Stainless Steel Wall Sleeves with a common puddle flange allow two or more pipe entry points through a concrete wall.

The sleeves provide minimum spacing between pipe penetrations.



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Split wall sleeves for existing pipe - New walls cast over pipes.

WA.SP - WS split sleeves bolt close around an existing pipe or conduit when new walls are cast over the pipeline.wall-sleeves-split-for-existing-pipe

Split wall sleeves encapsulate existing pipes, protecting the pipes when a new wall is built over existing pipes. The annular space around the pipe and split wall sleeve is sealed with a mechanical seal.

Split sleeve may be bolt closed or welded closed. The sleeves can mount horizontally or vertically.

Standard split sleeves are 304l stainless or carbon steel with anti-corrosion coating. One puddle flange or more are fixed to a standard split wall sleeve.

The annular space between pipe and sleeve is sealed watertight with WA-modular seal links, or disc seals.

Split wall sleeves c/w with bolt closing hardware and joint gaskets.

Split wall sleeves for a weld closing:

WA-Weld closing models have beveled axial splits. Watertight split disc compression seals or modular seal links are supplied with the assembly.

Welding close procedures are completed in the field by the costumer.

Split wall sleeves cut sheet

Read More:

For all American and International pipe sizes.

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Wall Sleeves WA-ZVR models are non-metallic wall sleeves. The provide watertight applications for conduit, power cords, communication cables or pipe through concrete and block walls.

A special bonding coating creates an homogeneous bond with new concrete or grout resulting in a 72 psi (5 bar) passage for pipes and conduit through structure walls.


The special bonded pipe sleeves, attach to the concrete - preventing leaking around the sleeve. End caps insure a clean passage is maintained until pipes are ready to enter the building.

Pipes / Conduit pass through the sleeve into a structure and are sealed with Pipe Mechanical Seals. The seals are provided as part of the assembly based on the conduit or pipe size entering through the foundation.

Download data sheet:

multi-conduit-sealing-building-entryCompression seals, model WA-GPSR pipe seals may be used with the WA-ZVR wall sleeve. They allow single penetrations or multiple pipe / conduit to pass through the same opening.

The cement bonded pipe sleeve can be set in concrete or block walls.


Watertight up to 72 psi, 5 bar
Pipe diameters from 3 inch to 12 inch (80 to 300 mm)
Suitable for any type of wall
Form an homogeneous bond with concrete
Suitable for retrofitting in core drills and/or rectangular block size openings
Available in special lengths

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Down load Installation Instructions:


Wall Sleeve exterior cement bond coating - additional information


PVC Wall sleeves with EDPM Puddle flanges

WA-PVC-WS are available in large quantity requirements.

PVC wall sleeves with EDPM Puddle flanges prevent water creep along the pipe exterior into a structure.-puddle-flange-pool-wall-sleeve

Stainless steel tightening bands firmly attach the puddle flange to the wall sleeve.

PVC wall sleeves cast in a wall between the forms they provide wall openings from 4" to 12" up to 24" thick concrete walls.


Pipe through walls at and angle

Wall sleeves entering at an angle through the wall


Wall sleeves WA-angle units provide openings for pipe passage at an angle through the wall. Angled sleeve ends and angled puddle flanges fit perpendicular to the sleeve.

The same approach angle of the pipe is maintained, eliminating additional bends in the pipeline.

Angled pipe wall sleeves may be split for pipes that already exist.


Pipe penetration at an angle through concrete wall sample drawing

Angled wall sleeves use longer compression bolts and WA-GPSR disc seals. Disc seals are watertight mechanical pipe seals.

Split wall sleeves for existing pipe, are available with either weld closings or bolted closing. They are available for most pipe sizes and accommodate existing piping for a new wall.

Sealing elements may be EDPM, NBR or Silicone.


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Wall sleeve assembly external mounting units are split to wrap around existing pipes.

WA-GP-T split wall sleeves

Download WA-GPT sizing fill-in sheet:

leaking-link-seal-re-sealPreviously installed leaking link seals may be re-sealed using a WA-GPT sleeve. The pipe remains in service during the leak repair.

A gasket seals the collar against the wall or slab. A pipe seal is used to fill the annular space between the pipe OD and the "T" sleeve ID.


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Wall Sleeves for multi conduit or pipe penetrations.

WA-GPT cluster wall sleeves: multi port wall openings for pipes, conduit or snow melt PEX pipes to past through a wall in a cluster. The wall sleeve units are 304L stainless steel material or 316L stainless steel.

Cast-in cluster type wall sleeves.



Flush to Wall cluster type wall sleeves


Flush penetration sleeves mount on an exterior wall.
A gasket between the plate and wall seals the back plate flange to the wall.

There are many configurations available.

Minimum spacing wall sleeves allow close together multi penetrations through concrete walls.

Multi wall penetration sleeves are cast in the wall to provide openings for several conduit, cable, pipe or snow melt PEX pipe entry ports into a building. The sleeves may vary in size for different conduit or pipe diameters. The penetration ports are sealed with disc mechanical seals making a watertight passage.

For multi conduit penetrations through an existing wall, an opening is saw cut or cored to accommodate the size requirements.

There are several combinations of multi-conduit sleeve seals.

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WA-PEX pipe solid block seals.

Where snow melt heating pipes pass through a concrete foundation wall a solid block elastomer seal may be used.

The openings may be saw cut openings or formed out opens or a wall sleeve is cast in the wall to create the required space for the seal.

The pipes pass through the pod openings and compression plates expand the elastomer block for a complete watertight seal of the heating pipes.

Solid block seals

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External wall sleeve-WA-GPT - cluster sealing

Close together pipe penetrations through wall openings may be waterproof sealed using WA-GPT cluster seals.


Sealing for all American and International pipe/conduit sizes are available.

Conduit entry sealing, using external mount thimble sleeves: allow single or multi penetrations through a wall in close proximity to each other.

WA-GPT units, are anchor bolt fastened outside the wall. The wall may be flat or curved, a gasket seal seals between the wall and flange collar.

Modular Mechanical Elastomer Pipe Seals and WA GPT units form a complete watertight solution.

WA-GPT external mount wall sleeves, are also used for pipe penetrations through metal tank walls.

Cut Sheet multi-conduit penetrations existing wall

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GP-SR Disk Seals for large pipe:


Split pipe sleeves for multi pipe penetration are custom sized assembles as per customer requirements.

See: Typical placement drawing for pipe not centered conditions:

Download more information data sheet:



See: disc seal typical layout:

Typical drawing for split pipe sleeves.




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WA-multi-WGC boot seal



WA-multi-WAC pipe boot seals may be used for non-pressing water applications. Pipe or conduit through walls can be weatherproofed with flexible boot seals. The EDPM rubber boot can not be split to seal existing pipes.


The boot is a monolithic one piece unit that seals around the pipe with a stainless steel clamp. The collar seal is compressed against the wall with a compression plate. A gasket seal is placed between the wall and the back plate.

The plates a 304L or 316L stainless material. Anchor bolts come with the assembly.

WA-multi-wall-sleeve two pipe with disc seals:



Double pipe penetrations with a watertight disc seal for pressing water underground installation.

The double pipe assembly is 304L stainless material with EDPM seal element.




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WA-EX-GPT-S split / non-split for single pipe through walls










For single pipe penetrations that already exist use a split WA-GPT sleeve. Non split external wall mount units are use on walls when new pipes are passed through the wall.


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Wall Sleeves for pipe and waterproof liner sealing. A dual purpose seal assembly.

WA-GPF - are dual purpose seals: they seal the pipe penetration through a concrete wall and the liner at the same time.

A fixed flange is anchor bolted to the wall and a loose flange compresses the waterproofing liner. A disc seal seals the pipe or conduit going through the sleeve. A single pipe or several pipes may pass through a dual purpose sleeve.










Liner seals may be anchor bolted to and outside wall for core drilled walls.

Sleeve and flange combination may be cast in the wall for new wall construction.

Multiple ports or single port disc seals allow both waterproof liners and the pipe or conduit to be sealed through the wall.

The assembly comes with Disc seals for multi conduit penetrations or Modular seal links for single conduit/pipe and flange gasket seals for the foundation waterproof liner.

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Wall sleeves WA-GPC metal tank seals, waterproof pipe entry into metal tanks.

Tank wall Sleeve - WA-GPC Model

metal-tank-wall-penetration-seals-sleevesWA-GPC sleeves are bolted to a steel tank. deck plates or other steel structures.

They are bolted to the plate wall, a flange gasket forms a watertight seal at the wall and disc mechanical seals make a watertight seal around the pipe.


The pipe or conduit passing through the sleeve is sealed with a WA-GPSR compression seal.

Data Sheet metal tank steel deck wall entry sleeves and seals


For several pipes through the same wall sleeve, WA-GPT and WA-GPSR disc seals may Conduit-seal-cable-pipe-through-metalseal-conduit-building-entriesaccommodate several pipes through the same sleeve opening. Use a WA-GPWK for conditions where the pipe or conduit is already in place.

Various Configurations for Wall Sleeves with flange plate bolting.

Off Center pipe - Centered pipe- Incline pipe - Angled entry pipe sleeves and seals..





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Stainless steel slab-sleeves with EDPM puddle flanges: for pipe passage through concrete floors or narrow walls.

WA-slap-sleeves with EDPM puddle flanges.


Slab sleeve for pipes through concrete slabs in parking garage floors, warehouse floors are suitable for pipe penetrations through floors as low as four inch thick.

Stainless steel band straps secure the EDPM Puddle Flange to the sleeve. The Puddle Flanges prevent water creep along the outside of the sleeve.

Sleeve sizes are available to allow pipe passage for both large and small pipe diameters.

Modular pipe seal links or WA-GPSR pipe seals are supplied with the sleeve assembly for a total watertight pipe passage.

Extended sleeve lengths protrude above the floor if kick plate extensions are required.

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Wall Sleeve brochure:

Wall Sleeves Temporary entry:

WA-BD non-metallic building entry ports allow power supply and communications cable passage into a structure for temporary power supply or communication cables.

WA-BD type wall sleeves are for casting in a new wall, the sleeve entry ports may be closed when not in use.wall-sleeve-cable-power-cord-entry-through-concrete-walls

WA-BD units provide openings for supplemental supply to substations, or structures.

The cables may be withdrawn after use and a waterproof plug seal closes the entry.

BD sleeves are available up to 3.50" diameter. Larger diameter temporary entry ports are available using temporary steel wall sleeve.

See fixed loose metallic wall sleeves below for core drill or block walls.

Cables can pass through a substation chamber or concrete wall structure above ground, while construction work is in progress. Main entry man doors can be closed and locked for security.

Temporary communication bundles between buildings or between floors, training classrooms and emergency operations buildings are available.

Watertight ready for power cable passage or other temporary entry.

  • Security; opened with a special tool; protected against unauthorized opening
  • Simple installation in between form work, cast in place
  • Water tight security cover fasten back in placed when not in use

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Cut Sheet

Temporary entry wall sleeves for multi communications and power cables through the same opening.

WA-BD-SS stainless wall sleeves wall sleeves provide access points for support functions inside a building.

Man doors can be locked, but power supply cables and communication cables continue to have building access ports. The sleeve entry points may be multi sleeves of different sizes or a single port openings.

Threaded end caps provide security and weatherproof isolation.



The temporary entries may be used through concrete walls or metal sided buildings,. The weather side flange is fixed and the dry side flange is loose.

Applications for temporary passage of power cords and other entry requirements. Single wall sleeves or multi wall sleeve ports are available.


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Cut Sheet

Wall sleeves for temporary passage of single pipe through core drill concrete walls

WA-WS-BW temporary passage wall sleeve.


The sleeves have a fixed flange on the weather side and a loose flange fitted to the inside wall.

The inside flange is loose so it may be fixed to the wall and a silicone seal bead is placed around the pipe and sleeve after the loose flange is anchored to the wall.

Both flanges have an EDPM wall gasket.



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Wall sleeves for pipe passage through block Walls

temporary-building-entry-wall-sleeve WA-FL- BW wall sleeves may be used for pipe passage through a block wall. Pipe or conduit passes through the sleeve and is sealed with a disc mechanical seal.

WA-FL-BW pipe sleeves may also be used through a core opening in a solid concrete wall when wall sleeve is required through an existing wall.

The fixed flange is fastened to the outside wall and the loose flange is placed on the inside wall. Both flanges have gaskets that fit between the flanges and wall.

The loose flange final finish on the inside wall, requires a fillet bead of silicone between the sleeve and flange.

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Fixed Loose cut sheet block wall


Supplementary pipe seals for sealing pipe through the wall sleeve

Mechanical pipe seals for single pipe penetration, multi pipe penetrations through a single sleeve. Small annular space seals, and off center pipe sealing.



WA-GPSR Disk seals are used if more that one pipe or conduit passes through the same sleeve, or when the pipe is not centered through the Wall sleeve.








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