Wall sleeves adjustable length


WALL SLEEVES - Adjust to wall thickness


WA-HSI Wall Sleeves



For multi entry power cables, conduit, and small pipe through concrete walls.

Watertight Wall Sleeves, adjustable to the thickness of the wall.

Three rib puddle flange seals are located along the sleeve. ABS construction, 2.5 bar / 36 psi. - good for waterhead pressures up to 80ft.



150 mm ID opening, adjustable length 200 mm - 475 mm concrete wall thickness. WA-HSI wall sleeves may interconnected horizontally and vertically for wall openings where penetrations are required in close proximity..

Application range: 

  • Seals against standing or pressing water.


  • Seals can be placed on both sides of the sleeve.
  • Multiple side by side penetrations may be created for close proximity entries.
  • Can be installed with single or multi type penetrations through the sleeve.

Scope of delivery:

  • 2 pressure-tight closing covers to prevent concrete entry into the sleeve during new wall placement.
  • Hex install key with integrated torque limitation.


  • Frames may be interconnected for close proximity wall penetrations.
  • Wall thickness: 200 mm or greater


  • Wall insert: ABS with TPE 3-ribbed puddle flanges
  • Adapter pipe: PVC
  • Clamping strap: stainless
  • Closing cover: ABS with TPE seal


  • Gas-tight and watertight to 2.5 bar











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