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Sewer Plant Flow Control Gates.

Wastewater Treatment Plants utilize flow control gates to redirect, throttle or stop flow during treatment operations.

Older gate control valves are sometimes no longer available from the manufacturer. The old wall slide channels, were installed to facilitate the opening and closing of the old control gates.

Replacement of the origional channels to accomodate new gate designs are difficult and costly. New flow control gate with differed measures and dimensions, adds greatly to replacement cost.


Westatlantic Tech Corp., design fabrication of a new gate with the same dimensions as the original unit is a cost effective approach to old gate replacement. The support structure at the wall need not be replaced. All parts of the new gate have identical fittings.



The non-rising operating spindle length is designed for the required access.

The operating open/closed wheel may be top mounted or right angle mount. Brackets guide and secure the operating spindle to the wall.

Old drawings are required in order to re-manufacture the new gate door. In there are no drawings available for the old valve. The old gate may be revere engineered and incorporated into the new gate.

Materials for the new gate may be treated steel, galvanized steel or stainless steel with brace fittings.

Normally the customer will specify the require materials in the new gate. Ductile Iron, or cast iron gates are not available.



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