Pipe restraint roller

Restraint Casing Spacer

Casing Spacers with Bell restraints - with roller wheels.

Restraint Steel Casing Spacer - Restraint Combination

Restraint casing spacers, are available for any American or International pipe size. Two restraint bands connected by rod restraints secure the bell joint. The rollers are fitted on restraint bands at top and bottom of the casing spacer.

Non-metallic casing spacers may be fitted around the midpoint of the pipe length to add support at the center of the laying length.

The spacer rings, bolting and skid struts are either galvanized steel, stainless steel or coated steel. The wheels may be composite or steel.


Restrained pipe joints with casing spacer combinations;

Roller wheel restraints prevent "Over-Belling" of the pipe joint. The roller ring restraint is fitted with three additional bar connector struts. Two restraint rings are connected by the tie bars and the additional roller ring is fixed behind the bell of the next pipe end.


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