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Pipe Heater Wraps - Freeze Protection

Pipe protection, all pipe sizes Industrial applications


Pipe protection systems
WA-PH models are designed to protect pipelines from damage in cold weather.

Heated pipe wrap protectors are the preferred heat systems for industrial applications. Protect vital fluid delivery from freezing.


Pipe heater wraps engineered to withstand the harshest outdoor environments.

WA pipe protectors are a two part system:

The inner pipe heater cover is installed in direct contact with the pipe. The secondary outer layer insulation jacket is made of closed cell foam. The inner portion of this secondary cover has a heat reflective aluminized Kevlar layer and an outer PVC exterior. Making it a durable, weather-proof, Arctic class heat protection system.

Highly mobile, quick install and removal, allows the heated wraps to be used in problem areas quickly. It is a first choice cost effective method to protect pipes.

Pipe Heater wraps are custom supplied for any sized pipe and length. 120V or 240V power supply units are available. C1D2 wraps are designed for use in required areas..


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