Hatch covers stainless seel

Manway Hatch Covers vertical mount for pressurized tanks.

Model WA-WR-S models

Embedded sleeve and access door.



Diameters DN600 to DN1200 / 24" to 48".

Basic pressure Hatchway door drawing

Manway Entry Hatches - Tanks - Pump Stations - Concrete Chambers

Hatch covers for non-pressure and pressurized chambers.


WA-MHC hatchways provide entry access to pump stations, lift stations and other tank entry portholes.

Hatchway covers are available in 304L, 316L, stainless steel.

For highly visible hatches, 316L stainless with a polished material finish is available.

Manway covers: may be square, rectangular or round. Seals available are EDPM, neoprene or other rubber seal types. Covers may be insulated to customer requirements.

Hatch cover assembly includes the cast in sleeve with puddle flange collar on the sleeve and a bolted closing pressure cover.

Hatch cover flap doors are suspended on an adjustable arm, enabling a smooth opening/closing for maintenance crews.

Manway access hatches are installed in concrete tank walls for inspection access, maintenance and repair. Hatchways are available for flange mounting on steel tanks with the same basic design.

Diameters DN600 to DN1200 / 24" to 48".

Basic pressure Hatchway door drawing

Man-way Hatches cut sheet

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Access Hatches WA-MHC models square or rectangularhatch-covers-stainless-steel-no-pressure-tanks-square-rectangular

Features include guards against accidental door closing.
Opening assist leverage arms.
Open safe arms.
Grating covers and locking features are also part of the WA-MHC manway doors.

Watertight, stainless steel, EDPM rubber seals or special requirement seals.

Access covers WA-MHC models are mounted in the upper part of the chamber for entry to inside components.



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Pump Stations, Wet Wells, Valve Chambers, Lift Stations, Equipment Chambers.

Secure - Safe - Water Tight access - Corrosion resistant Stainless Steel

Manway Hatches: Steel - Stainless steel: WA.WR-K round.

Manway access for non-pressure, tanks and chamber entry. Available in Stainless 304L, 316L, steel and galvanized steel.

Manway hatches with EDPM - NBR cover seals.

Security Locking. Waterproof, Insulated cover. 600 -1200 mm manhole hatch covers.


Water tanks
Valve chambers
Pump stations
Power Station Equipment control stations
Wind turbine access covers

Additional components:

Ventilation hood
Accidental falling guards
Additional flap guards for potable water tanks



Round Models - Split Cove Models


Hatch covers bolt to concrete opening, angular designs, round cover designs and split cover designs are available.

Manway hatch covers have a waterproof seal gasket on the doors - easy access to chamber vaults.

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