Flexable pipe coupling repair clamps


WA-OX coupling for the repair and joining of pipelines.

Accommodates angular deflections up to 8┬░


Repair and joining of the following pipe materials: PVC, PE, Cast iron, Steel, Fiber cement, GRP/GRE.

Suitable for water and gas pipes, NSF certified.

Made of stainless steel 304.

Withstands maximum pressure up to 24 bar.

EPDM rubber seal certified for drinking water.



Accommodates pipe diameter differences: up to 76 mm diameter pipes: 8 mm, - up to 120 mm diameter pipes 10 mm, up to 600 mm diameter pipes: 10 mm.

The specially developed sealing profile ensures that the rubber is never forced towards the middle. This prevents cavitation and damage to the pipes and guarantees perfect sealing even on rough surfaces


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