Flap valves stainless steel

Flap Valves Stainless steel material:

Stainless steel flap valves WA-FV-stainless are backflow preventers. Rising water levels close the flap and prevents backflow flood protection.

Nominal size 100 to 2000 mm, for round and rectangular openings, for fastening on a concrete wall or for flange to flange connection.

Nominal size: 100 mm to 2000 mm
Round, square and rectangular openings

Wall mounted flange connection, with chemical anchor bolt fastners.

Corrosion resistance:
Maximum corrosion resistance, stainless steel material - acid bath cleaned and passivated.


Flap Valve doors are designed for mounting on a flat wall with chemical anchor bolts or for a flange connections.

Stainless steel 304, 316L or galvanised steel

Sealing elastomers: EPDM, NBR



Shock absorber door closing designs for shock closing or noise reduction in populated areas.



Flap covers are backflow preventers in rain storage reservoirs or for flood protection purposes. Flap valve covers open to allow flow and closes when water head pressure increses on the cover. The cover has a reinforced design for pressure up to 16 ft on the cover. Higher pressures are available.

EPDM rubber seals are wastewater resistant. Flap covers are available in round, rectangular and square design. For mounting on flat walls all necessary anchor bolts are included. Flap valves are also available for casting into concrete, for flange to flange connections or may be mounted on pipe ends.

Sealing performance

▪ Leakage rate better than ACWWA and DIN 19569-4 limitations
▪ Excellent sealing performance
▪ Wastewater resistant sealing material
▪ Up to 6 m wc pressure (higher pressure possible)

Operational benefits

▪ Durable operating reliabilty Corrosion resistance
▪ Maximum corrosion resistance due to stainless steel material, all acid cleaned and passivated in own pickling plant Versions Each version is available with different cover designs
▪ Flat cover for using in case of outer water level under the pipe
▪ Flat cover with counterweight for using with very lowl drainage pressure
▪ Flap cover with counterweight available

Areas of Application

▪ Municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants
▪ Rain reservoirs
▪ Flood protection


Flap Valve configuration selection information fill-in sheet

Sluice Gates Stainless steel:


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