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Conduit Seals - Multi conduit wall penetrations

Watertight - Pipe - Power Cables - Snow Melt PEX pipes

WA-GPW Closed

multi-port-openings-pipe-sealsWall penetration pipe seals, WA.GPW multi conduit seals - provide waterproof conduit entry through concrete walls.

Openings may be core drilled through an existing wall or a cast in wall sleeve.


The only limiting factor on the number of pipes or conduit that may be sealed through the same opening, is the opening size and the total pipes or conduit through the opening.

Multi Pipe penetrations - Seals for more than one pipe

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WA.GP.WK Open (split) seal pipes or conduit that are already through the wall.


They provide water, gas ad smoke-tight sealing for pipe, cable or conduit through concrete walls.




Seals consists of an elastomer disks and two stainless steel compression plates. They are annular space seals for used on steel pipes, PVC, PE, Ductile Iron and power cables. Pressure seal for up to 36 psi (2.5 bars) (80 foot head).


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Cut sheet WA-GP-W conduit seals



Download WA- GP-T multi-pipe seal info sheet:

WA-Viscoelastic conduit seals.


Viscoelastic sealing mastic is a synthetic material with good sealing properties. It has high adhesion to concrete, ceramic, metal surfaces and plastics. Viscoelastic material does not change its properties stays pliable around the conduit.

Used for:

Sealing and filling around cable conduits and pipe passage through concrete walls.
Sealing cables in casing pipes.
Sealing and corrosion protection.


  1. Synthetic product of exceptional sealing properties.
  2. Viscoelastic, does not harden, always plastic.
  3. Corrosion protection.
  4. Dielectric properties.
  5. High adhesion to concrete, ceramic, metal and plastics.
  6. Requires minimal surface preparation.
  7. Easy and fast application.

Viscoelastic cut sheet


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