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Concrete Heated Curing Tarps - Heated Thawing Tarps

Concrete Curing Heated Tarpsconcrete-curing-heating-tarp

Concrete curing covers: Heated concrete curing covers assist curing of new concrete slabs in buildings, concrete walls, car park floors, bridges and other infrastructure projects.

Heating concrete decks and structures accelerates the rate at which the compressive strength of the concrete develops.

Concrete curing heated covers, save contractors and developers time and cost through faster completion and minimizing the risk of penalties associated with project delays.

Heated blankets help to protect the early age concrete from damage during cold weather.

After curing, concrete heating covers may be used again at another location, simply rolled the units up and move.


  • Wind Turbine concrete base heating: Heated wrap protectors are used to place concrete base structures in cold weather. Heat existing base structures for imbeding anchors.
  • Controlled heating of the base column allows the temperature sensitive grout to set at optimum curing levels.
  • Pump base concrete structures may be heated with Insulated heated blankets to allow for the grouting in cold temperatures.
  • New Concrete protection.

Heated concrete curing blankets are more cost effective for cold weather protection applications. Heating tents and structures with propane heates are more costly. Heated insulated tarp covers allow for better heating control, heating is more even with less possibilities of stress cracks.

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Thaw blankets, concrete curing traps, sized to meet all heating requirements. thaw-blankets-frozen-ground


  • Pouring concrete in cold conditions.
  • Efficient heating.
  • Insulated power blankets.
  • 120V or 240V models.
  • Weather-Proof.
  • Durable
  • Easy storage units.
  • Cold weather construction.
  • Utility excavation.
  • Thaw frozen ground.


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