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Elbow Ball Check Valves - Self Actuating - Back flow Protection


Innovative elbow ball check valves have a fully open position and a constant K factor starting from the flow rate of 2.3 fps.

Elbow ball check valves WA-EB units, have characteristics and operational features that make them cost effective for wide use in lift stations and pumping stations.

Check valve safety and reverse flow prevention features allow them to be used extensively in sewer systems. The rubber coated ball checks fit in the elbow fitting and is easily assessable . Ball cover materials may be EDPM, NBR or Viton depending on the media in the pipeline.

Space saving back flow prevention.

Self-actuating protection against reversible flow the moment the pump stops. Flange mount or threaded mount.


WA-EB II elbow mounted ball check valves, attach to ANSI 150# flanges. Applications for wastewater (WWTP) handling systems, lift stations and other pumping operations.

Ball checks in the Elbow require only minimum service requirements - less than 15 minutes to service. Easy access to the ball check without dismantling the valve. 


Sizes available:

Flange connection #125 ANSI flanges

WA-EST 11: for pipe sizes 2" to 12" (50 mm - 300 mm)

Thread connection available:

WA-EB-1: 1/4" to 2" (32 mm - 50 mm)

Advantages over other in line check valves:

  1. Space saving – enables space saving in a pumping station.
  2. Quick replacement – quickly replace valve balls through the elbow access panel.
  3. Full opening at a velocity of 0.7 m/s – enabling efficient operation of the piping system.
  4. Reduced vibration – Elbow mount check valves  reduce vibrations for a more quietly operation.

Compact construction of the pump chamber - Eliminates one flange and one connection (valve and elbow).


Elbow Ball Check valves may also be used in slurry lines for process control.

Technical data

- Available diameters: 1 1/4" – 12″.
- Pressure rated to 230 PSI (all valves are tested to 150 PSI leak test / 230 PSI hydrostatic shell test).
- Medium temperature: max 104ºF (temporarily to 140ºF).
- Flanges comply with ANSI/ASME B16.1 Class 125.
- API 598 tests and requirements.


Elbow ball check valves and combined knife gate valves:

elbow-ball-vlave-knife-gateWA-Combo elbow ball check valve and knife gate shut-off valve - are flange mounted for use in tight space locations. They prevent back flow in lift stations and pumping stations. The knife gate closed position provides total shut-off.

The ball back flow check may be serviced without removing the valve.

Elbow ball check valves operates as a water check valve for use in hydrophone sets and wet wells.


Elbow mount ball check valves are used for self-actuating protection against reversible back flow. Threaded or flange connection models are available.

Reduce Pump Station size requirements with low profile elbow ball check valves.


WA-COMBI Elbow and knife gate valves provide a manual stop of media flow when the knife gate valve is closed. The knife gate valve is incorporated has an integral part of the elbow ball check valve system.


WA-COMBI Elbow ball valve and knife gate valve are used to automatically prevent return flow of medium from the pipe when the pump stops working.

COMBI type valves allows manually shutting off the flow at any time by closing the knife gate valve. They are used in sewage systems up to 40ºC and pH 4-8.



Combo Sizes Available:

Threaded Inlet / Flanged outlet - 2 inch
Flanged 125# (2 inch - 4 inch )



WA- ball check valves elbow mount design highlights

  1. Enables a more compact pump station.
  2. Low service time – Elbow mount ball check valves take less than 15 minutes to service.
  3. Quick replacement: – staff maintenance personal can quickly replace the valve balls in a simple procedure.
  4. Full opening at the velocity of 2.3 fps 
  5. Easy access to valves interior and the ball enables placing the cover in the in servicing position.
  6. Reduce vibrations, very quiet operational noise.


Elbow Ball Check valves may also be used in slurry lines for mine process control.


Elbow Ball Check Valves

Pump Check Valves Elbow Mount

Pump Combination Elbow Check valve and gate shut-off valve

Technical data:

  • Range of available diameters: 1 1/4" – 12″.
  • Pressure rated to 230 PSI (all valves are tested to 150 PSI leak test / 230 PSI hydrostatic shell test).
  • Medium temperature: max 104ºF (temporarily to 140ºF).
  • Painted with a 200 µm thick coat of epoxy paint, RAL 5015 (optional: 300 µm, other colors).
  • Flanges complying with ANSI/ASME B16.1 Class 125.
  • Patents no.: US 8,146,618 B2, US 8,082,949 B2.
  • API 598 tests and requirements.

Pneumatic Pressure Lift Stations: for small or large systems 3 inch to 6 inch pipelines.


Lift stations complete and fully automated installations, which do not require any constant operation by technicians.

They are intended to pump municipal waste in pressure sewage systems, in a wide range of capacities and delivery heads solely with the use of compressed air: a system without any pumps.

Pressure lines to gravity lines. Up to 340ft head lifts.


Technical data:

  • Patents no.: US 8,641,386 B2, US 8,347,912 B2.
  • Comply with harmonized norm EN 12050-1,2,4.
  • Comply with the requirements of the Directive: 89/106/EWG.
  • Lifting height up to 10 bars.
  • Pipe sizes from 3 to 6 inch

Download Lift Station Brochure:


  • Sewage pumping over very large distances and/or heights (pumping pressure to 10 bars). FTH20 334ft.
  • Municipal or industrial sewage.
  • Main, zonal or local lift station.
  • Pumping sewage in sections threaten by periodic aeration and/or emptying of the pipeline from the wastewater function.
  1. Refresh pumped sewage and prevent putrefying during transport.
  2. Allow periodic entire emptying of pressing pipeline using compressed air.
  3. Allow the possibility to adjust the efficiency of the lift station to the current requirements without replacing any equipment.
  4. Enable safe and hygienic operation by placing technological part in the dry chamber.
  5. Do not cause any silting or formation of sludge and surface scum as a result of sedimentation and floatation in the retention chamber.



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